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Aunt Sherry’s Shoes

Aunt Sherry’s Shoes

My Aunt Sherry lives in Peter Cooper Village. That’s in New York City near the East River. I’m staying over this week because it’s my birthday and Aunt Sherry is making me a party. I’ll be four. I can’t wait to be four. I’ll be a big girl then.

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Artichokes, Anyone?

Artichokes, Anyone?

From The Play’s the Thing Children’s Series
This is an easy-to-read series for emergent readers. Written as short plays, it encourages parents and children to read together, each taking a role, to make learning to read an enjoyable collaboration.                                      
The Players:
Peter Beeper, the father
Rose Beeper, the mother
Mandy and Scooter Beeper, the twins

Scene I
(At the dinner table)

Mandy: I won’t eat it! It’s too… too…
Scooter: Prickly! I can’t eat food with prickles.
Dad: Now, kids. These are called ‘artichokes.’ read more…