My lifelong career has been committed to excellence in public education – nationally and internationally.

Consulting and teaching

  • Assessment of Teacher Performance with the Ministries of Education in Kosovo and Serbia.
  • Observing/supervising/evaluating classroom instruction for improved learning in math, science, and literacy.
  • Curriculum development and assessment for improved student performance
  • Equitable classrooms
  • Leadership development and school culture


  • Principal developer of the Vermont Classroom Observation Tool (VCOT), used by Mathematica Policy Research, Inc. in two national studies funded by the US Department of Education to measure teacher performance.


  • Director of School Improvement in a school district identified for persistently low performance through No Child Left Behind
  • Associate Executive Director at Vermont Institutes, a nonprofit professional development and research organization. Worked to strengthen leadership in the state, providing training and professional development to school leaders, along with opportunities for networking and support.
  • Superintendent of Schools, Principal, Curriculum Director



  • Ed.D. from University of Vermont