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Administrative Experience

  • Superintendent of Schools in Vermont
  • Director of School Improvement in a school district identified for persistently low performance through NCLB
  • Associate  Executive Director at Vermont Institutes, a nonprofit professional  development organization. Worked to strengthen leadership in the state,  providing training and professional development to school leaders, along  with opportunities for networking and support.
  • Principal
  • Curriculum director 
  • Committed forty years of experience to public school reform.


  • Principal developer of the Vermont Classroom Observation Tool (VCOT), used by Mathematica Policy Research, Inc. in two national studies funded by the US Department of Education to measure teacher performance. 

Consulting and teaching

  • Observing/supervising/evaluating classroom instruction for improved learning in math, science, and literacy.
  • Curriculum development and the Common Core
  • Equitable classrooms
  • Assessment for concept development
  • Leadership development and school culture


  • Ed.D. from University of Vermont